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Plastic Neutral Workforce

There are many ways that your organization can engage the Social Plastic® Ecosystem to offset your plastic footprint and establish a position as an environmental leader.

Buy Social Plastic

We can provide our partners processed pellet or flake feedstock of PET, HDPE, LDPE, and PP. 

As a primary user of Social Plastic you will have a direct and traceable impact on helping to stop social plastic. 

 We are looking for partners who are able to make a multi-year commitment to establish your organization as an environmental leader and require more than 250 mt / year.

Social Plastic Collection Credits

SPCC’s enable organizations to participate in the Social Plastic Ecosystem and offset their plastic use. They are a great solution if your organization does not need to use the plastic or if you require more modest volumes

Collection credits guarantee the removal of 1 kg of ocean bound plastic and 70% is spent directly in the countries we operate providing your brand with a compelling story of environmental and social impact. 

Learn more about our Social Plastic Collection Credits.

Ecosystem Activation

Are you looking for a larger story? As we expand the Social Plastic ecosystem we have partnership opportunities to brand Plastic Bank branches.

An ecosystem activation requires a multi-year commitment to implement and support branches and have a transformative impact on local communities. 

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