Faith in action: Preventing Ocean Plastic and Helping the Poor

Social Plastic Faith Movement

Faith in action: Preventing Ocean Plastic and Helping the Poor

Attend our Webinar September 5, 2019

Plastic Bank is launching a new initiative for Faith Movements and communities to join us in caring for the planet and caring for the poor. Believers all over the world sense the calling to put their faith into action by fighting ocean plastic and fighting poverty.

Our initiative gives Faith Movements the opportunity to mobilize their members and empower you to reveal the value in the plastic they use. Here is an opportunity to reduce your plastic footprint and collect plastic to transform the lives of impoverished communities.

Why join the Movement:

  • Encourage believers and your whole community to care for the planet and to care for the poor.
  • Mobilize your members to have an impact in society
  • Build bridges to other groups around the world.
  • Reveal the value of the plastic you consume
  • Create a better world for the next generation.
Every year over 8 million metric tons of plastic flow into our ocean, joining the 150 million tons already polluting the waters. That is roughly a garbage truck full of plastic per minute.

How Does it Work?

  1. Register below to be part of our pilot program
  2. Download our Action Toolkit with helpful resources and ideas to engage your community
  3. Join the Movement! Form an Action Committee and mobilize your congregation!
  4. Provide feedback and help us improve the program to have maximum Impact!

We look forward to working with you!



Our opening Blessing in Bali