Plastic offset program for Individuals

Plastic Neutrality

Plastic Neutrality

The average person consumes 84 kg of plastic per year. Your Plastic Neutral contribution, starting at only $44 USD per year, ensures the recovery of an equivalent or greater amount of ocean-bound plastic within the Social Plastic Ecosystem.

Become an Ocean Hero or Ocean Champion to recover even more plastic and help build communities in need around the world.

Choose Your Impact Level

Purchase up to 10 certificates at a time for yourself or as gifts. We will send you a digital certificate for each name provided below.

How It Works

In areas where we work, traditional market prices for plastic are too low to motivate community members to collect. As a result, plastic washes into the oceans.  By improving infrastructure and paying a Plastic Bank Membership Bonus on collected plastic, we incentivize recovery and create a meaningful, dignified, and stable source of income for our members and their families. This is all made possible by the contribution from your Plastic Neutral pledge. When the value of plastic is revealed, it becomes too valuable to leak into the ocean. This is all made possible by your Plastic Neutral pledge.

Your Plastic Neutral contribution helps our collector community earn higher wages and provides access to fresh food, clean water, electricity, and even school tuition.

We are proud to say that the Social Plastic Ecosystem supports 14 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.