Making an Impact


In February 2018, Henkel partnered with us to construct 3 Branches in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

The Collection Branches are operated as independent businesses by local community members. Residents seeking income opportunities are invited to bring plastic to a Henkel Branch in exchange for above-market monetary rewards or life necessities.

These collectors continue to benefit from their new income stream, utilizing it for nutritious food, sustainable stoves, briquettes, school tuition for their children, and access to electricity and WiFi.


In October 2018, Henkel initiated a pilot program using recycled material from Plastic Bank to support sustainability in their packaging.

To accomplish this feat, ocean-bound plastic was sorted, processed, and integrated into Henkel’s recycling value chains as Social Plastic®. 25,000 Social Plastic® bottles for laundry and home care products were produced and sold at retail locations in Western Europe.