Go Plastic Neutral

Staff and Group Program

Help Stop Ocean Plastic. Neutralize Your Group Plastic Footprint.

A workplace campaign is a great way to bring employees together around a common cause. Join other organizations from around the world taking a stand against Ocean Plastic by helping your staff go Plastic Neutral for as little as $44 per employee per year.

Why run a staff campaign?

– Engage employees in a meaningful cause for the planet.

– Build belonging in your organization.

– Strengthen your organization’s profile as an environmental leader

– Enhance employee morale, pride, and loyalty

– Develop a company culture of improving the environment & changing lives

Every year, over 8 million metric tonnes of plastic flow into our oceans, joining the 150 million tonnes already polluting the waters. That’s roughly a garbage truck full of plastic per minute.

How does it work?

The average person uses 84 kg of plastic per year. While we all do our best to reduce, reuse, and recycle, plastic is impossible to avoid in the modern world.  Only 30% of plastic is recycled in developed countries and in most parts of the world it is much less. A Plastic Neutral pledge funds Social Plastic Collection Credits ® to offset your personal plastic use.  Plastic Bank distributes the Credits to our collectors providing a premium over local recycling rates. Our SPCC’s provide collectors a more meaningful return on their time investment which encourages more collection stopping more ocean bound plastic.  Our premiums also improve their income so they can invest in better food, education, and healthcare.


Now, we’re inviting you to join the Social Plastic® movement by going Plastic Neutral.


Go Plastic Neutral Today

Plastic Neutral Group


Set a Goal

  • Why stop at Plastic Neutral? For only $88 per year per employee you can be a Plastic Neutral Hero and for $220 you can be a Plastic Neutral Ocean Champion!
  • Include family members in the group for a bigger impact.  Show your children that you value their future and get them a Plastic Neutral Certificate of their own!
  • Get your employer to match your efforts to double your impact!  

Launch the Program!

  • Share our Ted Talk or one of our other videos with your group. 
  • Watch the film “A Plastic Ocean” as a group
  • Buy some great looking Plastic Bank clothing for group leaders and raise awareness with customers.  

Make it fun!

  • Start an office recycling program and use the deposit amounts to fund all or part of your program.
  • Create a sin tax for unnecessary use of single use plastic in the office. (take away cups, take out containers etc.)  

What you get:

  1. Each group member gets a personalized Plastic Neutral certificate. Display it with pride in the workplace or at home to start meaningful conversations about the importance of recycling and reducing plastic waste.
  2. Organizations can share the story with their customers on social media and in recruiting material*


Can we promote this program?
Of course! If you use the staff Plastic Neutral Program in public materials you must clearly state that the individuals in the group, workforce, or staff are Plastic Neutral.  You must not state explicitly or imply that your organization is Plastic Neutral. Don’t worry, we will send you an agreement and even logos and graphics you can use.  (If you are interested in making a larger impact or would like to make your products or entire business Plastic Neutral, please contact us about other options.


How do we get the certificates?

Certificates are sent by email.  To receive certificates you will need to provide Plastic Bank with a spreadsheet with the following:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Country
  • Email address

When you are ready to sign up, we will send you a file to make this easier!  If you do not want individual certificates, you can skip this step.


How do we pay?

We accept Credit Cards (through PayPal), checks, and bank transfers. Once you have determined how many participants and at what level we will send you an invoice and payment instructions.


Will we get a tax receipt?

No.  This is a program of Plastic Bank which is a social enterprise.  If you would prefer to make a donation we do have registered Foundations in Canada and the US however due to regulatory limitations those funds do not apply towards Plastic Neutrality. If you prefer to make a donation to the Canadian Foundation you can do so here.


Where & when will our contributions be used?

Your contributions will be added to the Social Plastic Ecosystem and distributed where the need is greatest the month following your contribution.


Can we target our funds to a project or community?

Not at this time for contributions under $10K USD.  If you would like to explore this option please use the form above to outline your goals and contribution.


What about staff changes?

Certificates are only issued at the start of the program and include the name of the original subscriber.  While new staff can be encouraged to join our individual Plastic Neutral Program we will not re-issue certificates under a new name for the Group program.  New staff can be added to the program at renewal.


Does this program auto-renew?

No.  The Group program does not auto-renew because of turnover.  Each year we will contact you and you can provide us with an updated list of staff for the new certificates.


Is there a minimum group size?

No. But there is a minimum offset of $500 for the Group program.  This can be 3 Plastic Neutral Ocean Champions or a group of 12 at the Plastic Neutral level.  Smaller groups can register independently using our Personal Plastic Neutrality program however are not able to make any workforce claims or use the logo for promotional purposes.