8 Collection Centers

SC Johnson Partners with Plastic Bank in Indonesia

SC Johnson opening 8 locations to stop ocean plastic in Bali!

SC Johnson and Plastic Bank will open eight branches in Indonesia during 2019 including our first mobile branch. Local waste collectors can bring the plastic they collect to any branch, where they can exchange it for digital tokens. Using innovative Blockchain technology, they can then use the tokens to buy needed goods and services – reducing the risk of loss or theft.

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“This partnership with SC Johnson is the first of its kind in Indonesia. It will help create more opportunities for people living in poverty and will offer waste collectors an important sense of pride."
David Katz, Founder and CEO of Plastic Bank.

8 Branches

Nearly 28 million Indonesians live below the poverty line and could greatly benefit from a program of this scale. Each branch is expected to provide opportunities for hundreds of local waste collectors and community members. The first branch officially opened in Bali on October 28, with all 8 branches planned to be operational by May 2019 in Indonesia.

This program, which can be expanded to additional countries, will help reduce plastic leakage into the ocean through creation of an ongoing recycling infrastructure and by incentivizing local waste collectors to join the fight through increased access to needed resources. The program will also educate the local community about the growing threat of plastic pollution and about opportunities to recycle locally.

Mobility Improves Access

The program includes the activation of Plastic Bank’s first mobile Branch. This innovation in our model allows Plastic Bank to participate in more communities, improving access to our program and reducing logistical barriers for recycling.

Our mobile Branch can go to where the need is greatest participating in market days and events, improving recovery rates and supporting more communities.

Leading Change With Plastic Neutrality

According to a 2015 report by Ocean Conservancy and the McKinsey Center for Business and Environment, five Asian countries – China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand – accounted for more than 55 percent of the plastic waste leaking into the ocean. Raising collection rates to an average of approximately 80 percent across just those five countries would reduce plastic-waste leakage into the ocean by approximately 23 percent.


“We want to help recover plastic equal to the amount we put into the world, through innovative recycling and recovery programs.  In this way we can neutralize our environmental impact and, at the same time, do some good in communities that have excessive plastic pollution.” – Fisk Johnson, Chairman and CEO, SC Johnson

Leadership in Action!

SC Johnson Chairman and CEO, Fisk Johnson discusses the importance of the Plastic Bank partnership with Dr. M Sanjayan and Mark Erdmann of Conservation International (2:44)

“SC Johnson is the first CPG company to scale a program of this kind in Indonesia that will benefit a wide range of socio-economic demographics including local residents living below the poverty level.”

– David Katz, Founder and CEO of Plastic Bank.