Shaun Frankson

Co-Founder & CTO

Shaun Frankson’s Bio


Shaun Frankson is the co-founder of Plastic Bank, a social enterprise that makes plastic waste a currency to FIGHT Ocean plastic and global poverty. Plastic Bank uses a blockchain-powered platform to provide a life ascension program and universal income for the world’s poor that is earned through Social Plastic recycling programs.


Shaun is a digital strategist and proudly empowers others to create a life of purpose. He is the project lead on a game changing Blockchain recycling platform and created the brand strategies to introduce Social Plastic® to the world, resulting in over 500 media features and a multi-million person movement. Plastic Bank is now enrolling the word to contribute while working with some of the largest organizations on the planet to help stop Ocean plastic.


Shaun’s ability to strategize has taken him all over the world. He was named an Ashoka Emerging Innovator, an IBM Champion and, along with David Katz, received the Sustainia Community Award at COP21 and the United Nations Momentum for Change Award at COP23. Shaun is a social good spokesman and performed a 2017 TEDx Talk on saving the planet through responsible consumerism. He has made appearances in the award-winning documentary A Plastic Ocean, the reality TV show Dragons’ Den, a Las Vegas billboard and countless news interviews.


Speaking Highlights Since 2017


Jun 2019      Vancouver          Canada Day at Canada Place

Mar 2019     Austin TX            SXSW

Feb 2019      San Fransisco   IBM THINK

Jan 2019      San Fransisco   ReGen Conference

Nov 2018      Poland               Fintech 2018

Sep 2018      Sweden              We Connection

Aug 2018      Vancouver         Probus Vancouver

Aug 2018      Switzerland      Klosters Forum

Jul 2018       France               OECD Conference

Jun 2018      Vancouver         GLOBE Conference

Jun 2018      Vancouver         Plaza of Nations

Jun 2018      Vancouver         St George School

Apr 2018       Colorado          Blockchain Summit

Mar 2018      Vancouver        BCIT

Feb 2018       Las Vegas        IBM THINK

Feb 2018       Boston             Harvard University

Feb 2018       Ontario             Queens University

Sep 2017       LA                     Open Source Summit

Jul 2017        New York         Mashable’s Blockchain

May 2017      Amsterdam     Ocean Film Tour 

May 2017      Berlin               Ocean Film Tour

May 2017      Bremen            Ocean Film Tour

May 2017      Hamburg          Ocean Film Tour

Apr 2017       France              IBM Blockchain Summit

Mar 2017      Vancouver        TEDx

Feb 2017       Las Vegas        IBM Interconnect


Current Speaking Themes


  • Plastic Bank: Making plastic waste a currency to stop Ocean plastic.
  • Why I am optimistic about the future of the planet.
  • Creating a global movement: How to strategize the s#!t out of it.
  • Blockchain made simple.
  • 10 Questions to create a fulfilling life of purpose.

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