Oceans Bracelet


Fight poverty & Recycle 20 lbs of ocean-bound plastic with each bracelet you buy!

Each bracelet is made from recycled PET and recovers 20 lbs (9 kg) of ocean bound plastic improving the environment and the livelihoods of our collectors through the Social Plastic Ecosystem!


These adjustable and comfortable Limited Edition bracelets are perfect for anyone and make great gifts!

NOTE: This is a pre-order for shipment in July.

Create global impact with your purchasing power!

Get the set while supplies last.


Shipping: $5 USD per order anywhere in the world. $10 per order with tracking in Europe and US only.


This is a pre-order.  World Ocean Day Limited Edition Bracelets will ship in July 2019.

How it works

In areas where we work, traditional market prices for plastic are too low to motivate community members to collect. As a result, plastic washes into the oceans.  By improving infrastructure and paying a premium on collected plastic, we incentivize recovery and create a meaningful, dignified, and stable source of income for our members and their families.  When the value of plastic is revealed, it becomes too valuable to leak into the ocean. 

Your purchase helps our collector community earn higher wages and provides access to fresh food, clean water, electricity, and even school tuition.